The Song of Culture

(English Translation of Sanskriti-Gītikā by the Author Dr. Harekrishna Meher)


Glory to the Voice of ‘OM’ chanting.
Glory to the sacred Speech that purifies every heart.
Glory to the inner sense where word of sanctity emerges.
Glory to the genius that forms illustrious
and marvellous phenomenon in this world. (0)
The beauteous Mother India is effulgent with virtues
and provides us with ample water-resources.
She is rich with natural wealth,
is endowed with comely gems and ornaments,
and is sanctifier of the mundane regions.
Here flow the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati
that are pellucid, pure and dancing with charming waves. (1)
Renowned in this world are all the Vedic studies
and sacred learnings of this country.
Various scriptures bear the deliberations of the wise.
Graceful are the fine arts endearing to all.
In the entire land of India, here reigns
the great vast tradition of the adorable seers. (2)

The nectar of music presented in the stages
enchants the minds of the people.
The sweetness of dances filled with sentiments
and melodious tunes spreads excellence.
The art of paintings and weaving designs
infuses holiness and goodness;
further enhances exhilaration in every heart. (3)
The skill of sculpture with auspicious resolve
is imprinted in letters of the celebrated personalities.
In view of architecture, the temples are
beautifully designed and well appreciated by all.
The creeper of auspicious fame, ever charming
and pleasing to the minds discards all the distress. (4)
May the stream of life, free from pollution,
flow here bestowing happiness to all.
May the light of humanitarianism
be ever illuminating with divinity.
In social awakening and performing duties,
may the people adhere to sincerity
practising penance of the great souls. (5)
All the offspring of the Mother India are initiated
with the incantations of unity and integration,
while nourishing friendship among themselves.
The thoughts of peace should be nurtured

for ever in conducive environments.
At the feet of the Revered Mother
that form the abode of all auspiciousness,
we extend our salutations with heartiest devotion.
Glory and victory to the Voice of ‘Om’
and the Speech that sanctifies everyone. (6)


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